Kiss Me, Kill Me by Ann Rule – True Crime Book Review

This book has ten true crime stories included. Kiss Me, Kill Me is the longest story with 128 pages and is about a young pregnant mother who gets killed in her home. The other stories “The Postman Only Killed Once”, What’s Love Got To Do With It? “, “Old Flames Can Burn”, The Lonely Hearts Killer”, The Captive Bride”, “Bad Blind Date”, The Highway Accident”, You Kill Me…Or I’ll Kill You” and “Where Is Julie? ” are shorter stories and average about 25 pages each. The common thread in each of these stories and probably why Ann Rule used them all for this crime file is they are all crimes against women and involved a certain element of trust by the victims for the killer.

Suffice to say all Ann Rule books are brilliant. Her ability to take you into the lives of the victim before they get murdered evokes an emotional response as you feel you already know these people by the time they get murdered.

I enjoy the true crime files but feel a little let down by the shorter stories as most of them seem to have the potential to be a full book on their own. Ann Rule has made the comment that she gets asked to write so many books about certain people and criminal acts and really does not have the time to write all of them. The true crime files is her way of writing about as many stories as she can. She mostly chooses stories which are close to her heart as in “Kiss Me, Kill Me” she is a personal friend of the victim’s uncle.

I think the True Crime Files are perfect for readers who enjoy true crime stories but do not really like reading big books. In that way Ann Rule has made sure that all her types of readers are satisfied. For me any Ann Rule book is wonderful and I just wish she would write more books. I always wonder when I read a true crime story that I do not enjoy, if Ann Rule would have written it differently and made it a good book. I personally think so. . .

To sum up, I prefer full length stories but I still read the crime files as I will read anything written by Ann Rule.

This is my personal review on Kiss Me, Kill Me written by Ann Rule but I would suggest accessing the opinions of other readers of true crime stories before making an online purchase of a true crime book.

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